Boston Analytics (BA) is a strategy consulting firm which serves Fortune 1000 clients seeking powerful insights from data to drive their strategic decisions about growth.

Founded in 2004 based in Boston, BA has advised clients on issues and opportunities related to Digital Transformation, Investment Strategy and Market Entry & Growth in both developed and emerging markets. Data Driven Design is BA’s strategic partner in Australia and New Zealand.

BA’s experience in Technology, Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, and Industrials has helped clients achieve sustainable growth and outperform their competitors.


GTMvision is the first product ever built to provide IT & Communications vendors with the tools, insights and methodology to design and execute a world-class indirect channel strategy that they can track, measure and grow. This tool is being implemented by the world’s leading IT & Communications vendors and for the first time ever, providing them with the power to make important decisions that have a massive impact on their indirect channel sales results.


KOGNETICS is the first AI platform purpose-built to automate knowledge intensive processes involved in financial analysis workflows

Broad financial data, automation of complex normalization processes, powerful analytics that uncover deeper insights and pitch book ready charts created instantly. KOGNETICS brings it all together on a single platform.